Title Companies & Attorneys We GUARANTEE Smooth Closings & Perfect Documents!Stop Risking Your Client Relationships With Untrained Notaries At The Table!

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  • Over 99% Accurate
  • RON Closings
  • Bi-Lingual Closers
  • No "Point & Sign Notaries"
  • Nationwide Signing Service
  • ASAP Closings
  • Qualia/Title Integrations(via notary loop)
  • Secure Platform
  • Fedex/Ups Tracking 3X/Daily

Or Call Us: (443) 248-3478  


How Do You Vet Your Notaries?

This is where we spend the MOST time in our day because we understand if we get this part wrong, everything else goes downhill quickly. We have a lengthy preferred notary list we have worked with in most zip codes across the country. However, when those closers are unavailable, we search for notaries that have strong reviews. We automatically blacklist any with legitimate negative reviews so they never have the opportunity to be in front of our clients. When reading their profiles we choose the closers that speak about customer service and communication and we don't work with the ones that say how great they are. We search for relationship-based vs. transaction-based notaries. Lastly we call them and ask them 7 interview questions as our final barometer to their knowledge and customer service skills. This lengthier process helps eliminate the vast majority of "side hustle" notaries and only leaves the professionals in each zip code. 

How Can You GUARANTEE Smooth Closings & Perfect Documents?

Our process and systems allow us to guarantee this because we HEAVILY vet our closers and improve our preferred lists daily. On the back end, we REQUIRE full document scanbacks after the closing(almost no signing companies do this because it requires more time & expertise). We review these scans and approve or correct them in real-time and track Fedex/UPS 3 times a day to ensure those perfect documents are dropped and arriving into our clients hands the next morning, ensuring no delays in funding & recording. If for any reason their is negative feedback at the table or delays in funding due to document errors, we GLADLY refund our clients, because that's not what we were hired to deliver. Our accuracy is over 99% every month with 1,000s of closings each month.

Which RON Platforms Do You Use? Biometrics?

Since we work with over 40,000 notaries across the country, we have access to every RON(remote online notarization) platform available. When you place a RON order, let us know your underwriter approved RON platforms and we will ensure we use a trusted RON notary that uses that platform.  We can use platforms that utilize biometrics in place of KBA questions for foreign nationals when needed. Please let us know if the signers are not US citizens when placing your order so we know to specify for biometric RON platforms(most RON platforms don't have this capability).

What Coverage Areas Do You Have?

We cover the entire United States for in-person closings and the world with RON(remote online notarization) closings. Every month we have closings in 45 states and the district of columbia, on average. 

How Much Notice Do You Need To Schedule An Order?

Not much at all. We understand that sometimes you may have lender clients that are not very organized and send you documents very last minute. We get it, that's part of real estate. Our team is very used to that and we have clients that submit same day orders every single day. If the closing is within 2 hours, sometimes it may make sense to submit it as an ASAP order so that we can see who is available and at what times that day. Doing this allows us to give more options to the signers. 

How Do I Place Orders?

Orders can be placed in our secure portal(signing order) or through your integrated title software. Creating an order takes about 2 minutes on average.  Here's a brief video showing the process: Placing Orders 

What Does The Order Process Look Like?

Once you place the order, you can immediately upload unsigned title & lender documents and an overnight shipping label. Our team will work on quickly assigning the best available notary in the area. Once assigned you will receive an email confirmation with the notary's contact info. The notary will then reach out via phone to confirm the order with the signers(unless instructed not to) so they know who to expect at the appointment and to remind them to bring their valid government IDs. You will receive an email when that confirmation has happened. Once the appointment is completed, you will be notified via email about the completion results. Then once the signed documents and ID photos are uploaded to the portal, you will again be notified. 

Do You Have Bi-Lingual Closers?

Yes, we work with bi-lingual notaries on a daily basis. Spanish is the most requested language, but we can also search up to 26 others, including ASL(american sign language). This truly helps you stand out as a hero to your realtor or lender clients, so they don't have to do the translating themselves at the closing.

What Is Your Company Availability?

Real estate is a 24/7 business, so we try to be available whenever our clients have a need. Quick communication often makes the difference in client satisfaction, so we are responsive on evenings & weekends as well. 

Do You Have Title Software/Qualia Integrations?

Yes, we are currently integrated on Qualia marketplace, as well as these other title softwares: Resware, Ramquest, E-Closings, Softpro's 360, Softpro's Impact, and Closer's Choice.

Why Should I Trust Superlative Signings?

We have hundreds of 5 star google reviews, very low customer turnover annually and tons of client referrals. We are HAPPY to share our client list with any prospective title clients. We know any of them will sing our praises. Some of them are very small companies with 1-5 employees and others are very large with licenses in all 50 states, multiple offices and do thousand of transactions a month. We deliver the same CONSISTENT service day in and day out to all of them. We can only do that because of our systems, processes and our strong desire to be 1% better than we were yesterday. 

Do You Have Contracts or Minimum Order Amounts?

We do not have contracts or minimum requirements. If we deliver on our promises every day, we know the rest takes care of itself. If we don't deliver smooth settlements & perfect documents consistently, you SHOULD use a different company. After all, your clients DESERVE the absolute best, whether that's us or a different nationwide signing service company.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees are slightly higher than the industry standard, despite the overwhelming difference in deliverable performance on a daily basis. If we can deliver over 99% smooth settlements and perfect documents every single month, would that increase in consistency be worth a slight premium? We believe so. That being said we do have fees at a slightly discounted rate for large volume(30+ appointments a month) or in exchange for 3 new title client referrals. We're happy to discuss on a call or zoom. 

How Do We Pay You?

Invoices are automatically emailed to the points of contact(POC) on the order when it's marked complete by the notary in the system. Payments can be sent by ACH, wire, or check.

Or Call Us: (443) 248-3478